Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ted Helard Sequential Work Sample Portfolio

Welcome All Viewers!!

This is just a simple blog set up to display some of my sequential art work via the internet.
The work is from oldest to newest. I work in a variety of styles as is represented in this sampling of my work.

If anyone ever has any questions about my work, process or page rate please feel free to contact me!

If you would like to see a wider variety of all the stuff I do check out my other artist's blog sequential ramblings here on blogspot

Thanks for looking!


Bride of Cthulhu page 3

Bride of Cthulhu page 4

Bride of Cthulhu page 5

Hans and Greta page 11

 Hand and Greta page 12
Hans and Greta page 14

Top Cow sample page 1
Top Cow sample page 2

Top Cow sample page 3